Saturday, July 3, 2010

Laughing With Angels

Have you ever had a moment when something happened so unexpected, almost unbelievable, right before your eyes, just for you, something small, personal and given just to remind you...God is here, and cares about you intimately?
May I share one little event...?
Years ago, in California, when I was almost exclusively a Goodwill and yard-sale shopper, I came across a book at a church rummage sale. I took the book home, it was a primer for Christian living published by Campus Crusade for Christ. All the pages were clean and ready for me to begin my study. After a couple of weeks, I was reading the book and a friend who often came by for prayer and talk about life came to mind as someone who would be blessed by a study book like this one. I thought how could I possibly find another book. I called all the local bookstores, no. I did not think more on this, until one day passing the Goodwill store, it came back to mind, to go in peruse the books, just maybe...So I turned around and parked in front of Goodwill. I thought, this is a long-shot, really! ... But Lord...if it were possible, it would be great to find a copy of that book! I went in and checked the books, really looked and well...not there. Ok, I know, improbable, oh well, I tried. I turned to go, looked at a few things on the way out, then stopped before leaving... I just felt that I should go back to the book shelves again, so I did. I stood before the shelves, eyes scanning the books again, and I caught my breath...there was the book! I slid it out, opened it up, it was clean, unused, exactly the same as mine! I heard angels brush by me, I laughed out loud, and I know they were laughing, too! God put that book there for me. I was amazed at the gift, that He cares for the small things in our lives and is our provider. Now, after many years later, I am trying to listen for His voice and respond to His prompting, I remembered the story of the thrift store and the book and just have to laugh again, with the angels! Improbable, impossible, not with God! (Luke 1:37)