Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fig Tree Named ~Hope

A bowl of freshly picked figs for breakfast!

An unknown fig variety. I have named ~Hope!
 Transplanted and thriving, determined to make it!  Just like my husband and I!
The fig tree my fruit came from was one which I dug out of the ground in a lady's yard.  With her permission of course! I had asked her for a shoot, but she said I could have the off-shoot growing next to her main tree. The tree was small, but the tap  roots were deep and so hard to extricate.  I brought the fig tree home and planted  it in my yard two summers ago, but  I was not sure it would make it.  The tree lost most of it's leaves at first, my husband thought it was done and said we should discard it, but with attention to watering, the little thing rallied round.  I am so glad! It has started bearing fruit and the figs are very tasty.  Since the birds agree, and I have had to cover the fig with netting, because I just don't want to share the fruit with the birds!