Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Make a Gypsy Pie

Also may called "Fairy Pie" or "Elf Pie".
On pie making day, hen you have scraps left over after rolling and shaping your piecrust, call in your assistants...
Have these small helpers gather the scraps into a ball and roll out the dough as far as it will go! 
 It's ok if it resembles the state of Texas.  
 Have your assistants place a big dollop in the middle of the dough, of whatever jelly or fruit preserves you have in the fridge.
 Fold the crust over the jelly, and with their little fingers have them pinch the edges of the dough to seal the pie. 
  Allow the little elves, I mean, assistants to sprinkle and dust the top of the pie with sugar.
Poke and prick with a fork the top once or twice. Place in an aluminum pie pan or folded tinfoil with edges turned up (in case the jelly leaks out, some). Bake in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.
 I grew up looking forward to pie day, just to make and eat these little extras, and so did my children and now my grandbabies,as well!

Pckled Peppers

Buttoning up the pepper harvest this month. 

 I have a standard pickling recipe which works for banana pepper rings and jalapeño pepper rings.

5 cups vinegar (I used white vinegar)
3 cups water
1 cup sugar (I used natural cane sugar)
3 tablespoons salt
Optional: place a piece of bay leaf, a few peppercorns, a bit of pickling spice and a sprinkle of celery seed in each jar before filling with peppers.

Prepare peppers by cutting off stem tip and using a narrow knife inserted into pepper and twisting until all the seeds and pith can be shaken out. 

 Slice into rings.  When using jalapeño peppers you must use gloves the entire time of handling the peppers.
Sterilize the canning jars and lids, pack the jars with peppers and pour the hot vinegar into each jar.  Wipe rims of jars and cap.  Can using the water bath method in boiling water for 10 minutes, for pint jars. 
See instructions for water bath canning here:

Very easy and very tasty!