Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Making Kefir

I make fresh Kefir daily.  I enjoy it  blended with fruit for a breakfast drink.  It all started with a package of Kefir granules purchased online from Cultures for Health .  At the Cultures website you will find many instructional videos to access for free!  I ordered the Milk Kefir granules and the plastic mesh strainer.  I followed the directions for activating the granules (which are very tiny grains) and began making kefir every day.  Here is how I do that...
Start with Organic milk, the covered jar of Kefir which has sat on the counter for 24 hours, the plastic mesh strainer and a spatula and a glass container for straining the Kefir into.
Thickened Kefir ready to pour through the strainer.
Tap the strainer on the glass to help the thickened Kefir through.

Here are the Kefir grains left in the strainer, these will be scraped out with the spatula and into the washed and rinsed jar for the next days Kefir.

Kefir granules, so small, but so powerful!

Add the organic milk to cover the granules, about 2 cups I have used.
What ever flavor of fruit you want, add to the blender with the strained Kefir and blend, sweeten with honey or  just enjoy the delicious natural goodness of the Kefir and fruit!