Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Treat

My very own favorite holiday traditional treat, is Marzipan Mice. The reason I make these is pure nostalgia. I spent 6 years in Germany growing up, and just the taste of Marzipan sends me back remembering when I lived there, especially Christmas season and the chilly afternoons, at the Outdoor Christmas Market. The lavish displays of colorful marzipan fruits, and the way the air smelled of Liebkuchen (gingerbread in the shape of giant hearts, with your loved ones name in icing decorating the top), hand carved pine Christmas trees in sizes from tiny to tall. Bratwurst sizzling on the out door griddles and caramel bubbling in copper cauldrens to turn out the beloved warm candy coated nuts. Yum~
I try to recreat all of these things at out house, where ever that may be. But, the one which I turn out to my own enjoyment every year are the mice! Instructions to follow, soon!!!

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